About Donna

Donna_Dalton_AvatarDonna Dalton was born in 1972 in Amarillo, Texas and went to Texas Tech to study engineering.  There she got her Masters in Industrial Engineering, and went on to work for Fortune 100 companies for the first 6 years of her career.

Then, the entrepreneurial bug hit.  She started her own direct mail business, after studying Dan Kennedy’s “Magnetic Marketing” course.  Eventually she realized she had to utilize the internet, and became an expert in social marketing.  For the last year, Facebook ads is her favorite tool, and she is experimenting with SnapChat.

She now works from her home in Astoria, Oregon,  with her french poodle Duchess.

I lost my college roommate Brenda to cancer in 2005.  Since then, I have become active in promotion and fund raising for the Breast Cancer Fund.

Contact Donna by email at donna@astoriablogs.com.